Glue plywood doublers to 3/16 balsa fuse sides, make sure you have a right and a left.

Draw a straight line on a building surface.  Check center lines laser marked on firewalls and formers.

Insert firewall and formers in fuse sides, set on building surface and glue side alignment blocks down. When all are aligned, glue former and epoxy firewall and firewall cap.

Epoxy landing gear plate and front and back plywood for wing bolts.  Glue cross sheeting to bottom of fuse, be sure to leave room in back for plywood tail skid.  DO NOT GLUE TAIL SKID TILL LATER.

Glue 1/4" balsa triangle to inside of bottom, each side.  Glue back plywood support former.  Then glue 1/8" balsa on top back of fuse.

Reinforce the firewall with tooth picks, fiberglass over outside of front or chopped carbon fiber to the inside of fuse. This is what I use.

Install T nuts for engine. Glue top front plywood on.

If you are going to use internal elevator connections, glue a scrap piece of balsa behinde tail to widen fuse, so there is room for ball connectors.

Dremal out an area for ball connectors.


Cut a center line around tail, insert and glue 1/64" plywood.

Mark 3/4" line on leading and trailing edge, sand both top and botton to the 1/64" plywood.

Cut the middle of tail so it has a 110 degree angle.  Cut in elevators, should be 1" by 6 3/4".  Add hinges and control horns.


Cut 3/4" holes for wing bolts.

Epoxy 3/4" dowels and sand.

Cut openings for control horns, 2each side for bearings and center one for wheel collars.  Make 2 1/8" rods for control horns.  Sharpen one end and flatten the other.  Push control rods throught foam to the center. 

Grease the 1/8" rods and epoxy into place.  After the epoxy dries, cut in ailerons and move up and down.  The grease will keep the epoxy from sticking to the rods and they will snap lose. Use a fill to level the low spots and sand.

Finish Fuse

Bolt on wing.  Epoxy on tail.  Make sure tail and wing are at 0 degrees.

Glue scrap of balsa to top of V on tail and use a filler and sand.

Hook up elevator to servos.  Now glue the back plywood skid plate. Sand all edges to no more than 1/4" radius.

Cover the R-140 with you method of choice.

CG not over 2 7/8"

Starting throws.

Elevator +/- 3/16"   30% expo

Ailerons  +/-3/16     20% expo

Adjust elevator so the turn at full up is  around 80 foot.

Adjust ailerons so that it is a 1 1/2 roll on a 425 foot race course.

For landing use dual rate on elevator of 25% more than when racing.

Any Questions call at 952-445-8652 or email atn R140Racer@msn.com


Randy Etken